The Grodno breeding enterprise is one of the largest in the national breeding and genetics sector, among the breeding enterprises of Belarus

Implementation of the sperm of a bull, sperm of boars, cattle, pedigree bulls, youngsters, heifers on the territory of Belarus and beyond. We offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation to organizations of all forms of ownership. Sale of boars-producers, imported by import. We will execute a complex of works on acquisition of objects by agricultural animals. We will provide advisory support when selecting livestock. A complete set of veterinary documents that comply with all norms and requirements of the current legislation.

Grodno breeding enterprise - a pledge of selection success!

What we can offer you

Sperm products of breeding bulls-producers
Sperm products of breeding boars-producers
  • The Landras breed
  • The Yorkshire breed
  • The Duroc breed
  • And their hybrids
Completion of farms with highly productive livestock
  • Breeding cattle
  • Dairy and beef cattle
  • Young Cows
Analysis of milk samples by qualitative indicators
  • Fat, protein, lactose
  • Somatic cells, fat, protein, lactose
Production and sale of breeding products

Own production and strict quality control at all stages

3 accredited laboratories. Work experience - over fifty years

Milk laboratory
Own laboratories
The newest laboratory equipment

100% control coverage at the output of all products

Breeding department
Breeding department
Organization, conduct and control of breeding work

Conducting an assessment of pedigree livestock on the quality of offspring

Computer group
Computer group
Data acquisition, processing, systematization

Interaction with government databases

Innovative approaches in selection work


We keep pace with the times and adopt the most advanced developments and technologies of selection and breeding. Annually, the breeding enterprise carries out the modernization of equipment and the improvement of the technological process due to investments in production. The staff of experienced and qualified specialists regularly improves their qualifications by attending courses, exhibitions and international forums. Big experience gained over decades allows us to confidently say: "We produce an exceptionally high-quality product!"

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