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Сenter of selection and genetics in pig breeding

The Center for Breeding and Genetics in Pig was put into operation on December 1, 2006.


Center for Selection and Genetics in Pig Production. Shchuchin distr., v. Girdevka

The substantiation of the project implementation was primarily related to the increase in the boar sperm production capacity in the Grodno region. The selection and genetic center is one kilometer away from the Shchuchin Branch at the village of Girdevka.

Center for Selection and Genetics in Pig Breeding. Interactive map

The number of pig boars is 241 head (as of 01.08.2016), which makes it possible to produce about 430 000 spermodozes annually. The main breeds of boars-producers are Landras, Yorkshire, Duroc and their hybrids.

The number of employees involved in management, coordination, and servicing of animals is 33 people, the third of them are qualified specialists. The Center is headed by the director - Kimashevsky Ivan Vatslavovich.

The company has installed the latest technological equipment of the world's leading manufacturers, which makes it possible to almost completely automate the production technology of boar sperm production, which minimizes the human factor in carrying out production processes.

The own laboratory building, located on the territory of the Center, conducts research on all the boars obtained when taking sperm, guaranteeing a 100 per cent quality of the seed supplied to the external and internal markets. The sperm production of boar-producers meets all international norms and standards.

Main functions of the Center for Breeding and Genetics

  • Main functions of the Center for Breeding and Genetics
  • Conducting permanent work on the acquisition of boars-producers of planned breeds with high genetic potential, organization of their preparation for use and realization of sperm production;
  • Assistance to farms in purchasing consumables, tools, instructions and recommendations necessary for insemination;
  • Together with the department for pedigree work of the enterprise, it participates in the development and implementation of programs for intensive breeding of pigs in the farms of the region, participation in the review of the results of work on artificial insemination of pigs, the introduction of best practices and improving the efficiency of work.

The production and technical equipment of the CSG

  • The production base (3 cattle-breeding premises for 288 heads with a total area of ​​4,200 m² (two buildings in 2006, the third in 2012), a quarantine room of 256.5 m² for the 21st head of 2008, a boiler room);
  • Laboratory building 346.8m², the semen implementation point is 73.2m².
  • 5 units of cars, including 4 special cars, equipped for delivery of sperm boars-producers in the economy.


The seed of boars-producers is sold to all pig-breeding complexes of the Grodno region and the economy of other regions of the Republic of Belarus. The Grodno breeding enterprise is also an exporter of the boar seed to the Russian Federation.

How much is the boar sperm you can find in the section «Production».

You can contact the management and specialists of the Center for Selection and Genetics by calling +375 (1514) 7-21-46, or by other numbers indicated in the section «Contacts».

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