How it all began...

1959 - The Grodno Regional Pedigree Station for breeding and artificial insemination of farm animals (Order No. 24 of 01.04.1959) was established at the Vasilishkovskaya Experimental Livestock Station (Order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the BSSR No. 161 dated 20.03.1959).

1960 - The station was transferred to the village of Girdevka, Shchuchin district.

1971 - On November 11, the station was moved to Grodno (the building of the Regional Economic Department).

1973 - Order No. 20 of 01.02.1973. The regional station for pedigree work is abolished, and the functions of the regional pedigree service are transferred to the newly created Grodno regional plematrest.

1983 - creation on the basis of oblplmtrest since 14.01.1983. Grodno regional council.

1988 - since December 13, the Grodno Oblplemzhivobedinenie "has been renamed" Grodno Regional Production Association for Pedigree Cattle Breeding ".

1992 - since October 2, it has been renamed the Grodno Region Council.

2001 - since April 20, it has been renamed as OPSUP (regional industrial agricultural unitary enterprise) "Grodno Oblplemredpriyatie".

2002 - since October 9, it has been renamed into the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Grodno plemredpriyatie".

April 22, 2004 - Kashtelyan Petr Zbigniewicz has been appointed Director General of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Grodno plemredpriyatie".

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You can contact the administration of the Grodno breeding by phone + 375 (152) 99-00-98, or by other numbers indicated in the section «Contacts».