Department of breeding

The department of breeding and conducts breeding work in the farms of the Grodno region. It controls the reproduction of the breeding stock with a monthly summary of the results in animal husbandry.

Supervises the livestock breeding industry of the Grodno region, Deputy Director General for Pedigree Dobruk V.M., supervises the work of specialists, the head of the department for breeding Trakhimchik R.V.

One of the important components of the breeding work is the conducting of evaluation of breeding bulls-manufacturers the quality of the progeny and sistematizirovany the received data with the reflection of their tables revaluation bulls.

The unit is located in the center of Grodno along Sovietsky Frontier Str., 56a.

The location of the department of breeding on the map. Interactive map

With the participation of specialists of plamodel was compiled and developed "Zootechnical rules on the use of tribal products". Also with the participation of experts developed a "Zootechnical rules concerning the labeling of breeding animals, the breeding herd" and "Zootechnical rules about the order of creation and use of gene pool herds, banks of sperm and embryos".

In the building of the department for pedigree work are located Computer group and Center for breeding and genetics Grodno region (CSG).

Functions of the computer group - processing and analysis of tribal records; software support and centralized servicing of 107 outlets in the region (farms and RPMs), including for 37 farms processing data of tribal accounting; analysis of data on the assessment of bulls - producers on the quality of offspring; training of farm personnel using computers in breeding work. The computer team is headed by the chief specialist - head of the computer group for processing and analysis of tribal records Фокина Ирина Александровна.

The CSG of the Grodno region is engaged in organizing tribal work in the district. Conducts a monthly computer analysis of the state of reproduction for each household. Organizes material support for insemination and reproduction. Organizational work on breeding is carried out according to plans agreed with the management of agriculture with a monthly summary of results with farm specialists.

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