Schuchin branch

Schuchin branch of the Grodno breeding enterprise was established in 1960 with the purpose of quantitative and qualitative increase of sperm production of breeding bulls-producers.


The administrative building of the Shchuchin branch of the Grodno breeding enterprise after the reconstruction of 2013.

The production unit is located on seventeen hectares of land near the village of Girdevka, near the regional center of Shchuchin. This location is primarily due to favorable environmental conditions, which is one of the key factors in the production of quality products. Geographical location relative to the borders of the Grodno region allows the most rational delivery of sperm of bulls to areas of the region.

Location Shchuchin branch on the map. Interactive map

The branch of the Grodno breeding enterprise is the main production unit with a staff of 64 people, of which 17 are qualified specialists, such as zootechnic breeder, veterinarian, agronomist and other agricultural specialties. Manages the branch Салкевич Антон Станиславович.

The branch houses 183 bulls of various breeds, including 94 heads on the elevator. The main breeds of bulls - Holstein, Limousin, Hereford, Aberdeen-Angus. On average, for a year the bulls of the enterprise produce more than 2 million doses of sperm. To date, 8.0 million doses of highly evaluated sperm of bulls-producers are stored in the sperm bank of the Grodno peninsula.


Livestock housing for the maintenance of bulls-producers of the Shchuchin branch

For the cultivation and production of own feeds, the enterprise operates 339 hectares of arable land. 17 units of transport equipment with various attachments (tractors, combines, loaders, etc.) are involved in the processing of land. Crop production allows almost completely to meet the needs of the breeding enterprises in animal feed.

The own laboratory located on the territory of the enterprise conducts regular laboratory studies of sperm, the purpose of which is to reject the low-quality seed of bulls, and sperm products satisfying all the criteria and norms undergo cryopreservation for storage in a sperm bank and subsequent sale to farms and complexes .


In the sperm storage is stored over 8 million doses of highly evaluated bull sperm

Main functions of Shchuchin branch

  • The maintenance and use of breeding bulls-producers;
  • Ensuring the needs of bulls in feeds of own production (including mixed fodders), organization of balanced individual feeding on the basis of results of conducted analyzes of fodder, blood;
  • Production and selection of sperm by qualitative indicators, including bacterial contamination;
  • Storage of sperm in storage facilities during the evaluation period of bulls with periodic monitoring of its quality;
  • The realization of sperm of the estimated bulls-producers in the economy in accordance with the plan of linear use;
  • Provision of veterinary control over the condition of animals in order to prevent infectious diseases;
  • Training of specialists in the breeding business of farms and breeding services in the evaluation and qualitative use of sperm;
  • Departures to farms for periodic monitoring of compliance with the requirements of storage and use of sperm;
  • Cultivation of bull-calves on the elevator (since 2004), purchased from farms of communal ownership.

At the branch, you can buy bull semen. The sperm of the bulls-producers of the Shchuchin branch are sold to all Grodno oblast farms, and to many farms in the Republic of Belarus. The Grodno breeding enterprise is an exporter of bull semen to the Russian Federation and the YFC countries. The average annual sales of bull seed is about 0.9 million doses.

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The Grodno breeding enterprise publishes a catalog of bulls on a regular basis, thereby clearly demonstrating the high level of development of breeding livestock in the Grodno region. To familiarize with the bulls-producers, included in the catalog, you can in the section «CATALOG».

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