Grodno breeding plans to put breeding stock in agriculture of Komi

Belarus put in Komi breeding cattle in farms of the Republic.

this was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Komi - Minister of agriculture and consumer market of the region Anatoly Knyazev on the results of the working visit to the Republic of Belarus.

within the framework of his visit, Vice-Premier of the region Anatoly Knyazev visited the Grodno breeding and had a number of talks about the possibility of delivery of breeding cattle to the Republic of Komi.

"the Komi Republic provides itself with milk of only 24 percent. This is a very small proportion, and for this purpose we have ambitious plans to increase the level of self - sufficiency to one hundred percent. In this regard, the Republic does a lot of work on the construction of new livestock farms that need to fill high-yielding dairy cattle. In order to implement Decree of the head of the region Sergey Gaplikov last year, has built 10 new livestock buildings and renovated 4 farm. The result has created more than 1,700 new and renovated over 900 cattle," - said Knyazev.

According to him, the filling of new farms dairy cattle turned out to be a daunting task. The region's lack of pedigree cattle.

"We have exhausted all internal resources of the Republic. Had brought a party of cattle, 50 heads of Nizhny Novgorod, is expected to have a supply of 50 goals. Currently, more than 150 selected heads of breeding cattle in Hungary to the "South" where you build a farm for 1200 heads. But still we have to kick over 1,000 goals. In Russia breeding cattle is, but not so much. You have to take it from different areas and edges, and this creates additional financial costs and certain complications. The Republic of Belarus has a large population of breeding animals and are willing to put them in the right quantities and at affordable prices with the same area. Today we are talking about the delivery of 300 cows of black - motley breed with full gostinitsya," - said Knyazev.

Also in the framework of the visit to Belarus A. Knyazev visited the Republican unitary scientific enterprise "Grodno zonal Institute of plant growing of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus", where he discussed with the scientists the problems and prospects of crop production in the territory of the Komi Republic.

"Growing in the Republic of specializiruetsya in the production of potatoes and vegetables, as well as provides the farming of rough and juicy forages. Farmland make up 1% of all land. Available 298 thousand hectares of agricultural land is not being used 79% (235 ha) and this is the main problem, but we're working on it. The Komi Republic has favorable climatic conditions for growing potatoes. Annually produces more than 110 thousand tons. Currently, work is underway on construction of a plant for the production of potato starch with a capacity of 15 thousand tons per year, providing sozdaniemnovogo cluster corresponding to the world standards of quality, machine and tractor station and a potato storage facility. Implementation of the project will further involve in the circulation of 5 thousand hectares of arable land for growing potatoes, increasing the sown area 1.7 times the gross harvest of potatoes in 2 times" - shared with representatives of the Institute Alexander Knyazev.

Belarus is ready to share their scientific developments in the field of potato and put in Komi vysokogorny seed potatoes.

"the Republic of Komi is interested in the purchase of seed potatoes 22 to 25 with a high percentage of starch for the load capacity of modern starch plant," - said Knyazev.