Artificial insemination

In farms contains various cows in order to get the milk. Than its bigger and fatter it is, the better. The quality of the milk increases when a cow brings a calf every year. And for the farm profitable addition to the flock. Therefore, insemination is conducted regularly.


To obtain high milk production, the cow needs at least once a year to calve.

Why it is profitable to artificially inseminate

It is possible to use bull manufacturer. But then there is no guarantee that will be the resulting offspring. Moreover, a single bull can inseminate a limited number of cows. Studies have proven that 95% of the semen during insemination with the bull disappears, and only 5% reaches the destination. If it is artificial insemination, that sperm are spending more economical. One portion is impregnated to a few hundred animals. In addition, when mating the bull can transmit dangerous diseases. the Buy sperm production bulls usually carried out at enterprises which are producers of cattle semen. So much more profitable to carry out the insemination by artificial means.

is produced When insemination

Sexual maturity of cows does not have to wait long: they are able to reproduce in 8-10 months. But this is a ballpark figure. A lot depends on the breed of the animal, caring for it and proper feeding. Experts suggest insemination to produce at the end of the second year of her life when she is gaining weight corresponding to 65% of her body weight. If a cow calved for the first time later, it is less productive.


it is best to inseminate a cow she reaches two years.

If the cow has already calved, the new insemination is carried out via 18-40 days. The exact number of days depends on when she comes sex hunt.If the animal has received enough food, walks, the artificial insemination of cows is already at 2 or third month of lactation.

Rutting season

Artificial insemination should only be carried out at a time when the cow is ready to conceive. These animals can produce offspring throughout the year. However, mating is carried out in a certain period of time. We must wait until there is the maturation of follicles in the ovaries. During this period increases the amount of estrogen. The cow begins flowing. It lasts about 30 hours, but sometimes longer, up to 6 days. When will be held one day after the onset of oestrus, she has sex hunting. It lasts not long: 25-30 hours. At this time we will do the insemination.

Sexual hunt

Sexual hunt cow only lasts about a day.

There are many important points that you should consider.

  • the Egg is aging rapidly. The egg is capable of fertilization within a relatively short period of time – 5-10 hours. If you do not have time to impregnate her during this time, she's getting old and won't be able to merge with the sperm will die. Therefore, at the time of ovulation sperm must be in the genital tract of the cow.
  • On the readiness of sperm takes time. Sperm is also not immediately ready to fertilize, the first is capacitation, i.e., the necessary preparatory procedure is already inside females. In cattle, this procedure takes 5-6 hours. Therefore, the sperm injected into the reproductive tract immediately before ovulation, and for 5-6 hours before her.
  • Sperm die quickly. If there is natural cover cow bull, the viability of sperm high – 24-48 hours. But if insemination sperm is frozen first, then thawed. Therefore, its viability is below 12 h. it is Important to insemination, a maximum of 12 h before ovulation, not before, otherwise the result will be.
  • the Optimum time. Even if the hunt began in the morning, the procedure is performed in the evening, in the 17-19 h. If it is seen in the evening, then produce it the next morning, 5-6 hours instruction instructs the first insemination carried out after the appearance of sexual inclination, and then repeat the procedure 10-12 h. If the hunt is not over, it continues doing it every 12 hours until the hunt.
  • Milking and insemination. The procedure is performed or to milking cows or 2 hours after its completion. In the brain of a cow when milking is taking place that prevents the absorption of sperm cells.
milking cow

Prior to insemination of the cow should be milked

How to determine the rut of a cow?

Monitoring cows the easiest way, although not giving an absolute guarantee. What signs indicate that the animal is ready for mating?

  • the cow is restless;
  • permanently Moos;
  • looks around, stepping from foot to foot;
  • cows decreased appetite;
  • sniffs or licks the genitals;
  • reflex immobility quietly is if it jumps another animal;
  • of the sex organometallics mucus, which initially has a whitish color, and then becomes transparent, later cloudy and thickens.

A veterinarian inspects the vagina of the cow. If you want to see a vagina, you can see that its mucous membrane is swollen and reddened. And the cervical canal is in a relaxed state not a little ajar, it secretes mucus.


it is Desirable that the cow inseminated experienced livestock

The study of ovarian. This requires the appropriate qualifications. An inexperienced person can damage the follicle. If the follicle is ripe, immediately felt, if we were to examine the ovaries: it acts. He walls become soft. And if he is immature, solid, not stand out on the surface. There are other ways that require special reagents or expensive equipment.

How is artificial insemination

Artificial insemination of cows should be done only by people with relevant education or experience who has the necessary authorisation or other documents. They must confirm that the person has the right to do it. It is preferably carried out in a special arena, where there are machines for insemination, to help safely capture the cows.

Epicardially method

The name comes from the words "EPI" and "cervix". They are translated from the Greek as "about" and "neck". The instruction says that the sperm trying to enter close to the cervix, to its channel. Use these techniques only when dealing with Chicks that have no stretching of the vagina.

Before the procedure it is necessary to put in order instruments: an ampoule, a catheter 35-40 cm long Ampule is connected with the catheter. The sperm thawed. Click on the ampoule so that came out all the air, then sucked her prepared sperm.

Stages of fertilization:

  • 1. Animal tempted.
  • 2. Place the catheter on the eve of the vagina and thrusts him halfway.
  • 3. The catheter is introduced through and injected the contents of the vial.
  • 4. Remove the ampoule and gently massage the clitoris.
  • 5. Pull the catheter.

After the insemination of the cow should be in a calm state.

It is important not to scare the animal, because after the operation she needs to stay calm.

Nanoservicemain method

Have the title becomes clear as the operation is performed. In Greek language "Mano" is the hand. The use of these techniques allowed for cows, but not applicable for those who have a too narrow vagina. The impregnation rate is 65-70%. For the procedure, you need these tools: make sure the vial of sperm , the catheter is 10 cm long and a rubber glove. a Vial is attached to the catheter, prepare the sperm. Clean the air and suck the cum.

Instructions on which to act:

  • 1. First, clean.
  • 2. On hand to pull the glove and process it.
  • 3. A hand pushes into the vagina. She massaged the cervix.
  • 4. Take the catheter and push it inward until it is within 5-6 see Inject sperm.
  • 5. Massage of the clitoris.
Nanoservicemain method

Nanoservicemain method of insemination

Visionvictory method

The name comes from the word "Viso" and "cervix", which translates as "look". The technician visually monitors the process of insemination. This method ensures 50-60% . Important! If the work is an inexperienced person, it can injure the walls of the vagina. he will need these tools: a device for lighting and a vaginal speculum, syringe. Prepare 4 jars made of glass(100 ml). In 3 of them (the first, third and fourth) poured a 2.9 % sodium citrate solution (3 and 4 banks are filled only with a warm solution temperature 38-40 degrees). In the remaining second Bank poured 70% alcohol. Manual, according to which the procedure is carried out:

  • 1. Take the syringe and is treated with a solution in the first jar. Then it is sterilized in the second Bank, and washed with a solution of the third and fourth.
  • 2. To dial into the syringe, the prepared sperm and place it vertically, so that the catheter looked up.
  • 3. Prepared mirror it is necessary to moisten.
  • 4. Carefully expose the genitals of the animal, carefully enter the mirror, to reveal his acting cautiously.
  • 5. Then find the opening of the cervix, insert the syringe at 5-6 cm and inject the sperm.
  • 6. Pull out the syringe and the mirror, trying not to damage the organs of the animal.
  • 7. After each use, the catheter is disinfected with an alcohol swab, and washed the mirror.
Visionvictory method

Visionvictory method

Ectocervical method

This is one of the best of the techniques. A cow give birth in 70-75% of cases. To work you need the following tools: ampule, clean the catheter long 35-40 cm with a cover of polyethylene and a glove made of the same material. The syringe connected with the catheter from the ampoule and remove the air and fill it with prepared sperm.

Statement of work:

  • 1. A cow tempted.
  • 2. Pull the glove and process it.
  • 3. Using second hand open the labia of the animal, to introduce the catheter.
  • 4. One hand enters the rectum. There, she grabs the neck of the uterus. It is fixed with two fingers: second and third. And the thumb should find the opening of the cervix. There, a catheter is inserted.
  • 5. The neck need to put on the catheter and to see him, the deeper, the better.
  • 6. Inject the sperm, you pull the arm, and then, slowly, and the catheter. At the same time you need to massage the clitoris.
  • 7. Massage is done a few minutes after the equipment is retrieved.

There are many techniques of artificial insemination, but in the home of their undesirable conduct. Here is an important qualified professional help.

Ectocervical method

Ectocervical method of insemination

embryo Transplantation

One cow in a year can give birth to only one calf. If the farm has purebred cows, to improve the number of cattle not only through artificial insemination. Used transplantation of cattle embryos. This method helps to obtain a large number of calves that have valuable genetic data. For this procedure come from the embryos of pedigree cows and placed in the uterus of normal cows, which becomes a surrogate mother. That's interesting! Transplantation of cattle embryos is much cheaper than the traditional way of breeding animals.


embryo transfer in cattle

the Selection of animals

Donor can be any purebred cow, which is a valuable quality. They should be transmitted to calves. Choose those animals that develop correctly. For the first time as a donor chick can be at the age of 14 months. If a cow was calving, after that it must be not less than 2 months. Animals donor needs the right care, they must be well fed.

The recipient can be any cow, even if she and the donor are a different breed. But it is necessary to consider the size of the animals. If the calf will emerge from the large mother to give birth to it, too, needs a big cow.

artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is far more effective than the natural mating.

As it happens

So the operation was successful, the donor and recipient must be synchronized sexual cycles. The whole program takes 1 month.

  • veterinarian first examines the cows.
  • Then starts to process animal hormone superovulation.
  • After 6 days, animals hunting occurs. Cows inseminated donors. The procedure is repeated 2 times, must pass between 9-15 hours. Sometimes required, and 3 times, if the hunt is not over.
  • In cows donor embryos wash.
  • After it has been extracted, the doctor looks for and processes the embryo, divides them into categories. For transplantation of embryos using the 1,2, 3 categories for frost – only 1, and those that are attributed to category 4, rejected.
  • 7 days after sexual inclination of the recipient carried out the transplantation of embryos. This procedure is similar to artificial insemination.

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