Vietnamese pigs. Description of the breed, breeding, maintenance and care

In our time, Vietnamese pot-bellied pig has ceased to be the only exclusive pet. Farmers engaged in animal husbandry, increasingly began to opt for breeding pigs Vietnamese breed.

Vietnamese pigs

Vietnamese pot-bellied pig

The history of the Vietnamese breeds

Pigs vietnamese pot-bellied were imported from Vietnam to Canada and the Eastern part of Europe in the mid 80-ies of the last century. Over time, the fashion for the breeding of these pigs has spread to many countries: America, France, Hungary, Poland and other States. The strongest breeding work is currently carried out in Hungary and Canada. In these countries breeders try to make breed even more productive for a view, increasing the size of the animal and the percentage of his muscular masses. In Belarus, this species has spread relatively not so long ago, breeders are just beginning to learn the breeding of these attractive pigs.

Features of this breed

Vietnamese pig breed is characterized by some peculiarities that must be considered when breeding. Many of them are trends that lead to such a rapid spread of the pig mod.

One of the main features of the breed – fast maturing animals. Already in 4 months females are sexually Mature, and the pig is ready to breed in 6 months. Moreover, the care of newborn pigs is not difficult, as the sow does not interfere with it and behaves quite friendly. She cares about the breed, having a highly developed maternal instinct.

Another feature of Vietnam's pigs – a good immune system, as they are resistant to hot climate and cold winters. I'm afraid these animals are only drafts, which are especially detrimental to young pigs.

Vietnamese hog appearance

The name of the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig was due to a large hanging belly that is particularly striking because of the short legs.

Pigs can be white or black. There are individuals harlequin, combining both color. Because of the short legs belly pigs almost touches the ground. Back they have a little concave on the head are small ears. Stigmas resemble due to the large number of folds of an accordion. Externally, the Piglet the piglets is similar to the face of a pug because of the large number of bends.

Vietnamese pigs

One of the differences is the short legs

Pigs are able to grow and gain weight in the first five years, although gradually this process is becoming slower. The weight of Vietnamese pigs under years old, about 80 kg. On a cattle market most often represented by individuals weighing about 100 kg.

Breeding of Vietnamese pigs

The popularity of Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs received because of the following advantages:

  • Low feeding costs;
  • the possibility of almost year-round (depending on the breeding site) free walking, as the pigs perfectly tolerate low temperatures during winter;
  • Have tender meat with a low fat content and lack of veins. Low content of cholesterol in the product gives the opportunity to use it in food for people with diseases of the blood vessels;
  • Compact size allows you to keep multiple individuals in a not too great machine;
  • Animals are very clean, free from the peculiar smell inherent in almost all pigs of other breeds;
  • Resistant to diseases and temperature extremes immunity;
  • Early maturity gives you the opportunity to obtain the first offspring from the pigs that reached only 7-9 months. At the same time, animals that live for about 30 years are capable of support throughout their lives. In addition, Vietnamese pigs breed incredibly fertile, they bring at a time from 12 to 20 pigs;
  • Calm and good-natured. Let master for pigs, break the cages, they have the ability to train.
Vietnamese pigs

Vietnamese pigs have strong immunity

How to choose a breed of pigs?

All the advantages of this breed will be real only when choosing healthy individuals capable of bringing offspring in the future. Sometimes found in Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, which is not very good. As a rule, such animals weigh about 40-60 kg per year, and the offspring of the owner of the farm can not get even from the female 10 months. This result is most often due to the wrong choice of pigs. To buy an animal suitable for breeding, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • If the breeder has several sows and one boar on the farm, it is better not to buy pigs in this place. Such animals are bound to be relatives, from which it is impossible to obtain healthy offspring.
  • in order to make sure that the age of the pig specified by the seller and its real value, you can ask to show the sow that gave birth to the animal. If the pig is only a month old, the pig should have sagging milk lobes, it should look like a lost weight. Otherwise, the pig is older than the seller says, or there is another sow in front of the buyer.
  • Need to know the weight with which the pig was born. It is better if the seller will tell and dynamics of growth of the animal at intervals of 10 days from the moment of birth.
  • Identify a healthy animal and can be in appearance. Piglets should have well-developed muscles. Feet healthy individuals of strong, widely spaced. The external sign of belonging to the breed is a kind of stigma of having numerous bends of the nasal bones.< / br>If a pig has a long head, a torso of fusiform shape and legs in the form of the letter "X", then such a person is sick. In addition, these signs may indicate the degeneration that occurred as a result of the birth of a Piglet from parents-relatives.
    Healthy pig, you'll be shot down by a stocky build, hair smooth, eyes bright. Such an animal is active, has good appetite. The excellent mood of the pig is evidenced by waving a thin tail from side to side. Color doesn't matter. Mostly it's black, but even in the same litter can be pigs as white, and mixed.
  • it is not Possible to purchase pigs, which appeared from the same litter.< / li>
  • having Defined a pig, it is necessary to ask about a forage which was used by the former owner. The transition to another food does not have to be sudden, otherwise the animal might get sick.
  • if the litter has more than 12 pigs, such animals may be weak. The choice should be taken very carefully.

The Selection of places for keeping pigs

The content of Vietnamese pigs does not require much trouble. Thanks to its relatively compact size, the animals do not require a very large pen. It is better to make it of brick, and the floor to the concrete. In the cold season the pigs from freezing on the stone floor, about 2/3 of the pen need to be covered with wooden scaffolding. This area will be a kind of animal sleeper. The rest of the space will serve as a place to feed and toilet. The high-bellied Vietnamese pig is a clean animal, so you do not have to worry that the manure will be scattered throughout the pigsty. In addition, the little animals do not dig the floor, which also simplifies the life of their owner.

Vietnamese pigs

Vietnamese pig unpretentious content

In one machine the size of about 4.5 m2 can fit two adult pigs, one sow with pigs or boar. When planning the internal device of the pigsty between the machines, it is necessary to leave a passage sufficient for the passage of the trolley, with which it will be possible to remove manure. The room should be well-organized system of ventilation. The absence of fresh air and clutter of the pigsty will adversely affect the health of animals.

Despite the fact that the breeding of Vietnamese wild pigs is possible and at low temperatures, which they can easily tolerate, for the winter still need to worry about heating the piggery. For sows and newborn piglets cold could be deadly. So the offspring were healthy, grew well and recovered, he needs a minimum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Heating of the room can be carried out at the expense of gas convectors, Russian furnace, other heating methods.

How to prepare a paddock for pigs?

Daily stay in the fresh air in warm weather provides pigs with strong immunity and good mood. Less sick and well gain weight regularly range of Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs. The content solely in captivity will lead to the breeding of the weak and sick animals.

On the plot under the walking, if there are no trees, you need to dig into the ground a few logs. Pigs love to RUB against them. Not hurt on the site and a light canopy that protects animals from rain and scorching sun.

Great pleasure will bring pigs of this breed, who love swimming in the mud, a kind of pool. His role can do a small hole in the ground with dimensions of 2 by 2 meters. The pit should be periodically filled with fresh water. In this basin the pigs can get rid of pesky insects, and cool off in the hot summer weather.

Feeding vietnamese pigs

The right diet is the key not only to the growth of a healthy animal and a good weight gain, but also to obtain high-quality lean meat, which are different Vietnamese fold pigs. Feeding animals is dependent on the particular structure of their digestive system. Small stomach and a small diameter intestine, the rapid movement of feed through the digestive tract make it undesirable for use of feed flour. Standard treat ordinary pigs, such as fodder beet, straw, for Vietnamese breed will not bring any good. Well digested in the gastrointestinal tract of these pigs young hay of legumes – alfalfa, clover.

A good option - the feed is prepared in the form of a thick thick porridge. This food lingers in the mouth for a long time, it is carefully chewed Vietnamese pigs. Feeding with food of this consistency contributes to the release of a large amount of saliva, under the influence of which starch passes into sugar. This simplifies the process of digestion.

Vietnamese pigs

Feeding pigs is an important component of their content

For food to be digested as best as possible, preference should be given to the milled grain. Feed whole grain for the most part pass through the digestive tract of the pig intact, not digesting.

The basis of feed is barley and wheat. Add the oats, peas, and corn. The latter should not be more than 10%, as this cereal causes obesity in pigs. If you add too much corn to the feed, it will be almost impossible to get delicate bacon meat.

Vitamin supplements have a good effect on pig health. Piglets can be given fish oil to sows in a bucket of feed add eggs, milk, vitamins. In raw form, not to destroy the vitamins, you can give the animal the zucchini, carrots, pumpkin. When the vegetables are all cooked, they need to be prepared immediately before feeding.


The main condition for the appearance of healthy offspring is the lack of relationships between the sow and the boar. Otherwise, the appearance of pigs with deformities, weak and sick. Further, such animals are very poorly adds weight, often they can not have their own offspring.

The red-bellied Vietnamese pig reaches puberty by the age of 4 months, the boar – a little later. To determine that you can start knitting, you as pigs. It becomes restless, the sexual loop swells. When pressing on the croup, the animal freezes in one place. If you can see all these signs, the pig can settle for one day to boar. The first support of Vietnamese pigs is about 5 pigs, then up to 20 animals are born, most often about 12.

Pig pregnancy lasts from 114 to 118 days. A few days before birth, the animal begins to worry, to build the nest, carefully primina hay. If seemed from the nipples colostrum, the appearance of the pigs will occur during the day. To support you need to prepare carefully. In the machine you need to get out, leaving only hay and a bowl of clean water. Separately it is necessary to arrange a corner for newborn piglets. In this place should be warm, in the first hours of life will be optimal temperature of about 30 degrees.

Vietnamese pigs

The First support is about five pigs

If necessary, piglets respiratory tract is cleaned of mucus, then put in a prepared place for drying. It is important to ensure that in the first hour of his life each pig received the necessary amount of colostrum. There is a large amount of nutrients, which are lacking in the newborn offspring.

Pigs first eat only milk that meets their needs almost all nutrients. The exception is iron. To prevent anemia in offspring, piglets can be given injections of special drugs.

On average, to 10 days of life, the pig reaches a weight of 1 kg, to 20 days – 1,5-2 kg. To month Piglet body weight at birth 400-450 g should weigh not less than 2.5-3 kg.

For a good weight gain of the piglets weeks of age you can start to introduce solid foods. It can be chalk, charcoal, other substances containing calcium, phosphorus. Through 10 days after birth animals give clean water. Two-week pigs can start to feed a thick porridge. A month after birth the amount of milk the sow is reduced, by this point the kids have to learn how to chew food. In the same period, you need to start gradual weaning of the piglets from the mother.

Summing up

Breeding pigs of this breed – the long-term investment. Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, the price of an adult which is about 8,000 rubles, very unpretentious and do not require expensive feed and special care. Determining for profitable breeding is the right choice of pigs, the cost of which is about 3000 rubles.

The meat of pigs of this breed is tender and delicious. The market appeared recently, but has already earned the trust of consumers. Particularly good taste has meat medium-sized individuals weighing up to 40 kg, although the market fall carcasses weighing about 100 kg.

Vietnamese pigs

Vietnamese pig Pigs

Meat Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs are low in cholesterol, keeps the most nutrients in any method of heat treatment.

The animals grew well, gained weight and bring healthy offspring, you need to adhere to recommendations for keeping and feeding animals. Then breeding pigs of this breed will be a real Moneymaker.