The Yorkshire breed of pigs

The breed was developed in Yorkshire (UK) in the mid-19th century. In 1851 Joseph Tuley was first presented to the Yorkshire breed at the exhibition of agricultural animals. People were surprised by the large size and appearance presented to the pigs. It was toned and slender animal, with good Constitution of body, larger relative to other breeds, just not obese, which is usually observed in other pigs. Pig was a favourite pastime of Joseph. The hobby grew into a business of his life, thanks to which the breeder has made history and have earned no small state. The farmer crossed in just one pair of pigs, the sow Matchless with a boar named Samson. To secure the result he had to apply the closely related mating. The result is a superior offspring.


Pigs are Yorkshire give excellent offspring

A large massive breed quickly spread and became popular all over the world. This breed fattened to produce high-quality bacon and meat. The meat of these pigs is called marble, it is more delicious and expensive. Yorkshire can be fattened to obtain a large amount of fat with a high degree of fat, but this is not true for this breed.

Yorkshire quickly grows to very large sizes, and has earned its popularity among the farmers of England, Canada, China, Japan, America, New Zealand and almost all European countries. Pigs are not capricious, and quickly adapt to new conditions.

Appearance and productivity

Sow white, the torso is elongated, which is characteristic of bacon breeds. The head is medium in size, broad forehead. The ears are semi erect or erect, look up, forward and around. A broad and straight back smoothly into the lower back. Belly does not SAG, as with other types of pigs, it is voluminous and dense. The mass is in the range of 220-240 kg. they reach the sexual Maturity at 10 — 12 months of age. Of the uterus a multiple of 10 to 12 piglets, sometimes 14 or more per 1 litter. The milk of sows of this breed can reach 72 -90 kg. Carcass yield the carcass shows the highest rate is 82%. Boar large white suit. The neck is short and muscular. Broad and straight from the withers is a smooth transition to broad and fleshy shoulders. Blades without cavities. Hams large, they have a lot of meat. Soft pink leather with a supple texture, it covers rare, light, long bristles. It is thin can not sufficiently protect the animal from the cold. For pigs of this breed build a warm and comfortable stable.


A big indicator of slaughter weight carcass


According to their population of Yorkshire pigs are in 4th place. If you take the statistics for a few years, the share is rapidly going up. If at the beginning of the two thousandth the proportion was only 0.32 %, in 2012 – already 7,2 %. Yorkshire pigs are great for improving meat production when crossed. Today in Russia there are about 10 plants for the breeding of Yorkshire pigs.

Pig feeding

Average Piglet weight at birth 1kg. They quickly gain weight in 2 months. little Yorkshire weigh 19kg and 7мес. gaining a rate of 100 kg per 1 kg increase in body weight, farmers fed 4.5 kg of food. If you put on feeding the animal at the age of 3 months, year pig weight up to 180 — 212kg.

Worldwide Yorkshire as the best breed for the production of fat and meat. This pig with a large percentage of lean meat, high average daily gain of 800 g/day. Data pigs used in breeding work to create and improve many other breeds. Due to the high reproductive capacity, as maternal lines use Danish Yorkshire. This pig with the physique, they have a good maternal instinct. Due to their high reproductive abilities fit for breeding sows. Pigs crossed with Chinese, Portuguese, Siamese, and Neapolitan pigs.



With proper feeding meat products Yorkshire breed has a high quality. The taste is excellent and rich.

When you cut meat you can see that it is evenly filled with layers of fat. Marbled meat, is in high demand among buyers.

Swine disease

Pigs of this breed are resistant to many diseases, but sometimes due to poor maintenance or hot climate animals get sick. Basically, pigs Yorkshire breed suffer from rickets or beriberi. These diseases most often arise in calves in early spring, when they lack vitamins. To avoid such problems, we recommend that in the winter some time to feed the pigs fir branches.


Yorkshire pigs are resistant to many diseases

Another common disease of Yorkshire – diseases erysipelas. Most often this problem affects young piglets. Disease manifests itself in patches on the ears, legs and muzzle. The areas affected by the spots start to itch. Animals may have a fever. Need to be treated with special ointments that will be prescribed only by a veterinarian. Infected pigs should be separated from the healthy herd at the time of treatment, as the disease may also be related to other pigs in the pen.

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