Landrace - bacon pigs

The origin of the breed of pig, the Landrace has its origins in the first half of the twentieth century in Denmark. According to some breed derived by crossing a white English pigs, and some species, common in Ukraine and Russia. Of all types of pigs there are several basic such as meat, tallow and meat-fat (bacon).


The most popular is a bacon breed of pigs due to the fact that in the final product (meat production), the farmer receives approximately equal quantities, like meat and fat. Breeding pigs of Landrace rather laborious process, requiring much more effort than when breeding pigs of other breeds. But the result is significantly greater. Pigs Landrace quickly gain weight over a period of about half a year, pigs can gain over a hundred pounds. The economic costs for the purchase of pigs of this breed are relatively small in relation to the prices of pigs Vietnam pigs.

Unfortunately, purebred Landrace pigs have a number of disadvantages. Which include weakened tanks, wiggle the rear part, caused by relatively weak hind limbs. In order to improve the qualitative traits of this breed, genetics from different regions of swine breed Landrace with other local breeds of boars. The resulting offspring is much superior to its purebred dogs by such indicators as resilience and strength, stress resistance, and cold indicators.

Description. Productivity

Pigs of this breed are rather strong, elongated physique with good meat forms and straight back. The neck is thick and fleshy. Legs of medium length. Skin relatively thin with a pink tint. One of the distinguishing features of this breed are long, the ears large in size, which hang over the eyes. The pigs also differ in the characteristics inherent to pig bacon category. Adult boars and sows bust is approximately five feet. In length of boars reach two metres, the sow a bit smaller - about 1.6 meters.



Like other bacon pig breed Landrace more picky about food than pig fat and meat breeds. A balanced feed with a high content of various proteins guarantees a good gain in the growth stage of pigs. As a rule, breeders of Landrace pigs in feed use combinations of animal and vegetable compounds, dairy products, flour, meat and fish. Many technicians recommend to add to the diet fed with barley-based products because it is believed that it is the most nutritious.


The main diet of Landrace pigs based on feed with partial addition of natural ingredients that should enter into the diet portions. On average, the feeding of one individual Landraces per year is spent 240-270 kg. of feed. Also, in addition to the main feed, it is advisable to add nutritional diet vitamin and mineral complexes, as a bacon breed of pigs most sensitive to the quality and composition of the resulting feed.

The conditions of detention of Landrace pigs

Requirements to the content of the Landrace is almost the same as for other breeds of pigs and does not require much of a hike. Of course there are minor differences such as reduced stress resistance of pigs of this breed increased sensitivity to noise. For Landrace preferred haven of rest and minimize contact with outsiders. at home you can keep these pigs on deep litter under conditions close to natural.


Care of piglets

To get healthy pigs, their farming should be dealt with the first days of life. In one farrowing sow can give 10 – 15 piglets, sometimes owners need to assist the sow during the appearance of the offspring into the light. Each pig is desirable to wipe with a dry cloth, cut and treat the umbilical cord, and then put under special heating lamps. Sow it is desirable to protect from pigs, given the large size and weight of the animal, it can simply crush the piglets. There are cases when the sow has eaten its young. Piglets should be put to the mother every few hours for feeding.

After 28 days, the piglets leaving the sow and transferred to the General fattening with the rest of the youngsters. To feed pigs is 2 times in the summer and no more than 3 times in the winter.


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