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Simmental breed of cattle

A famous proverb says that if you chase two rabbits will not catch either one or the other. Farmers who breed cattle, it is often desirable to obtain animals from one hundred percent good. Nothing is impossible: to have as a result a lot of milk and meat, you only need to choose the right breed. In the first place worthy of the attention of Simmental breed cows.


the Simmental breed of cattle

Origin and history of the Simmental breed

The researchers of the pastoral industry there is no consensus about which animals occurred Simmental breed cows, or, as it is called, Berne. Some of them think that the ancestors of simmentals were wild tours crossed with cows of the helvetians. Others believe that they are descended from Scandinavian cows, imported to Switzerland in the fifth century.

Switzerland is famous as a manufacturer of excellent milk the famous cheese and quality beef. Why the Swiss bothered to create a breed that would be equally as productive in milk and meat direction. So appeared the first representatives of the breed. And the name she gave the river Simma (Bern), in the valley where these animals were grazing. Simmental breed cows successfully evolved over several centuries on the rich grasses of the Alpine meadows and fresh mountain air, and eventually turned from unproductive cattle in the lovely meat and dairy breed.


the Simmental breed of cattle

To meet Simmental cows today on the five continents. On the territory of the former Soviet countries of the cows got in the XIX century.

about the breed

To better imagine what it looks like individual Simmental cows, get acquainted with its description.

The average growth of the cow at the withers reaches 150 centimeters is quite high. The body length of about 160 inches. Extensive bone and powerful musculature promote proportional development, but the appearance can be described as rough.


the Simmental breed of cattle

Wide withers merges with the back. The back goes into a long loin and rump. Wide rump of a cow indicates that it has well developed sexual organs and, therefore, it will give a lot of milk. Straight leg is set correctly, hooves pink. Sometimes there are animals with natural deficiency, in which the rear legs are the same as those of elephants. Muscular short neck dips to a deep chest, bulls there is the dewlap. The udders of Simmental cows have big, round and heavy with a loose but elastic skin. It happens that it is unevenly developed – back shares develop better than the front. Large nipples can be in the form of a cone or cylinder. Simmental breed cows is also different rough large head with large forehead. Purebred simmentals of the nose and eyelids is light pink. Bright, sometimes white horns over the ends yellow-brown. The usual color of the breed – fawn (cream-coloured) or pale-yellow (cream-colored). But there are many red animals white-headed or red-and-white cows.

Characteristics of productivity of the Simmental breed

The first birth in cows are at the age of two and a half years and there are not always easy. The interval between calving is usually about 390 days. Calves of Simmental breed are born krupanski – 44-46 kg, and by six months their weight increases four times. However, calves to grow-sementales is not difficult – they grow well in a variety of methods of care and feeding.

To justify the costs of food and get in consequence a good yield, throughout the year cows should be well fed. Feeding in the stall for a day a juvenile could add in the weight of the order of 900-1100 grams.

Adult bulls of the Simmental breed can easily gain weight from 850 to 1000 kg, and the producers reach a maximum of 1300 kg. Cows usually weigh 550-620 kg, occasionally reaching the limit of one ton. Well-fed cows give up to 56% slaughter yield, bulls and did the same – 65%. Meat is high in calories. Unstable: it has a moderate fat content – not more than 12%. The abundance of bones is considered a disadvantage.

Dairy characteristics of Simmental cows are valued not less than meat. Indicators milk production is very high – between 4 and 5.5 thousand kilograms per lactation. Some cows even set records, giving the yield more than 12 thousand kg per lactation and leaving their names in the history of the Simmental tribe. The average fat content of milk is equal to the average of 4.1%, and the content of somatic cells in milk (cells, tissues and organs) is very low. These indicators only contribute to the spread of Simmental and growth of livestock.

Advantages of Simmental

Reviews of Simmental breed cows of approval. Animals are extremely obedient and teachable. They move a lot and eat, so almost sick. Many farms choose for breeding this breed for the following characteristics:


the Simmental breed of cattle

  • of Simmental – cow dual-purpose (milk and meat) and highly productive in both of them;
  • Calves picky in eating, prolonged milk feeding saves on supplementary feed;
  • With good food they grow, adding 1 kg of weight per day. They cannot be called a sissy, they are perfectly adapted to any reasonable conditions;
  • Manufacturers are used for mating with individuals of other dairy breeds to improve their milk values;
  • Have a calm temperament and good health.

To buy a cow of Simmental breed today is not difficult, because they are bred in almost all the regions of Belarus.

Simmental breed cows are versatile and combines an excellent milk production and high quality meat. So it will be of interest to any farmer who wants to not only increase the contents of your wallet, but also to empower farmers and increase the number of cattle.