The farrowing of pigs: preparing for farrowing, farrowing, care of a pig and piglets after farrowing

Raising pigs at home involves obtaining progeny from females of the herd. In order to have a healthy offspring, and litter had adverse effects on the sow, it is necessary to have knowledge in this matter.


Farrowing pigs-responsible event

Pregnancy pig

To of gestation, the young pig can be ready by 5-6 months. At this time usually completes its sexual development. For the successful brooding of piglets weight of sow shall be not less than 120 kg. In the home farming happen females starting from the age of 10 months. At this time of year is not taken into account.

The signs of pregnancy pig:

  • in the expected time does not occur heat;
  • pig becomes more calm;
  • from the second half of pregnancy, the female eats a lot and a little goes.

In the last stages of gestation pigs appear in outward signs such as the increase in the nipples and rounded belly.

Time bearing offspring

On the scientific norms of the duration of pregnancy in sows of all pigs lasts 114 days. But given the age of the females, this period ranges. Aged primiparas giving birth and the second time the sow can be somewhat longer.


The sow

The norm is to increase the statutory period of 1 week. In large females, with large own weight, often the time of carrying the young is reduced by 7-10 days.

How to determine that will soon begin to sow?

Approximate date of farrowing can be calculated. It is rare when the birth occurs exactly 114 days after mating pigs. This often happens in the period between 110 and 118 in the afternoon. Therefore, the appearance of the offspring is to be expected, since 110 days. Since that time, the sow you want to monitor, and preferably transferred to a separate stall.

Behavior of pigs before farrowing

About the imminent occurrence of the birth of the pig may be indicative of its restless behavior and increase in the nipples and external genitalia. Directly the day before farrowing she begins to SAG belly and the spine flexes. Nipples secrete colostrum, and from the vagina leaves the mucous plug.

The animal frequently lies down, and after some time jumps. Shortly before the arrival of kids the pig is placed in a secluded corner, could hide in the scattered hay.

How is the farrowing

Normal total time of farrowing is about 4 hours. But depending on the physical condition of the sow, this process can last from 2 to 10 hours.

Preparation of premises for farrowing

In anticipation of the offspring should clean the pigsty of a dirt and to wash it with hot water with addition of alkali at the rate of 100 g. to 0.5 liters of water. The walls and floor of the room bulatsa slaked lime. The shed should be dry and warm, insulated from drafts.

Temperature conditions on-time delivery should be 15 to 25 degrees. In hot summer days the pig is recommended to spray cool water. For bedding use straw, sawdust, hulls from cotton seed etc.


It is Important to correctly prepare the room for farrowing

The importance of the presence of the maternity cage, which minimizes the possibility of loss of piglets due to asphyxia. It is desirable to place the sow in such a machine a few days before expected birth.

On the edge of the cell is the handrail at a height of 25 cm, so the pigs were able to crawl, while the sow chooses a place for maturation. To achieve piglets of 10 days this barrier is removed. Important! Insufficiently active labors may indicate poor conditions of pigs during pregnancy, a small cell with no possibility of walking, but also a lack of feed or unbalanced.

The birth of a pig

Vain attempts with an interval 5-10 minutes in pigs begin to be born kids. They appear one after the other through the small gaps of time. For induction of labor, some American farmers in hot weather pour sows water.

Help person at farrowing

If the onset of labor in pigs is delayed, then kicked her in the outdoor aviary, massage the belly, were allowed to drink sweetened water.

Usually an amniotic bubble bursts during the passage of the pig through the birth canal of the mother. But if this has not happened, and the kid after the birth is inside the bubble, should help to disrupt the film, so it could breathe.


At farrowing it is recommended to invite a specialist to help

In some cases it is necessary to do CPR on a newborn pig. You can omit his body in warm water for a few minutes and then carefully grind it.

Newborn piglets should be wiped with a clean cloth, and if necessary remove mucus from the respiratory tract. The umbilical cord is trimmed and its edge is treated with iodine. In the cold period it is desirable at some time to put in a heated place.

After farrowing should go last. If within 3 hours, this did not happen, immediately seek veterinary assistance. After the appearance of the placenta it must be removed from the pig, so she didn't eat. Otherwise it could eat the newborn piglets.

Incorrect positioning of the fetus occasionally causes incessant attempts and rupture of the uterus. In this case, you should invite a veterinarian. If it is not possible to call a specialist, you should try to fix yourself such a presentation. The hand is introduced into the birth canal of the pig, and the pig is popped out. Should pull him out alternately for the left and right limbs. This motion should be smooth so as not to damage tissue of the uterus.

When the premature discharge of amniotic fluid in the birth canal injected a decoction of linseed or perekipjachennoj vegetable oil, cooled to a comfortable temperature.

What to do if the cervix is not disclosed for a long period of time? This process can be accelerated by pouring in a sexual way pig water heated to 45 degrees.

Experts recommend to be safe and call a veterinarian to assist in childbirth, if the sow has not reached 10 months and weighs less than 110 kg-120 kg.

What is the number of pigs brings a pig

The number of offspring per one Farrow sow, depends on the profitability of agriculture. Therefore, the farmers engaged in the sale of young animals, purchase of animals of these breeds that differ in a large number of born cubs.

Average is considered the birth from the sow per pregnancy from 11 to 13 piglets. But there are cases of birth 16 live babies. First-time mothers, and also sow some breeds bring one farrowing-only 8-9 cubs.


In one farrowing sow can give more than ten piglets

If to consider the time of gestation of the offspring and 2 months on the feeding of newborns, during the year, the sow is able to have 2 pregnancies and have from 16 to 32 piglets.

What to do after farrowing pigs

In time of lactation, the sow needs to obtain high-quality food and in sufficient quantity.

Necessarily the inclusion in her diet of such feed:

  • Vegetables: sugar beets, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes.
  • Concentrated: grain bran, crushed peas, lentils.
  • In the summer is green grass, nettles, legumes.

After farrowing, gradually increase the rate of consumption of feed. Immediately after birth, give the pig a drink of water, and only 12 hours to feed the liquid mixture of oat bran.It is not recommended to give a lactating sow corn and rye in order to not lower the amount of milk produced.

The liquid feed given to lactating sows during the first two weeks. Food is diluted in water in the proportion of 1x3. Feeding should be four to five times.

pig diet

Well-balanced diet is an important component of farrowing

Sample menu for nursing pigs weighing up to 150 kg on day 1:

  • 10 kg of succulent feed;
  • 4 kg concentrated;
  • 1.5 kg of hay, and in summer is replaced by fresh grass.

What to do if the sow does not let piglets?

Kids after the birth of find the nipple of the mother. But sometimes the sow refuses to feed them. She can act aggressively to lie on her stomach, not allowing the kids to get close to your nipples.

In a fit of aggression, she throws pigs in a cage. In this case, clearly we must isolate the kids from the mother and to provide them with artificial feeding.

If the pig has no aggression towards offspring, you can try to rectify the situation. Sometimes this is due to the discomfort caused by the sensitivity of the nipple or sharp teeth in piglets. In this case, you should control the process and not allow the pig to lie on his stomach, as she needs to feed lying on your side. Note! If you are unable to rectify the situation according to the natural feeding of pigs, then they will have to feed a special mixture.

It is prepared from such ingredients:

  • 1 liter of milk;
  • 1 egg;
  • 2 tbsp dry milk formula for children;
  • 1 tbsp fish oil;
  • 1 tsp sugar;
  • 1 tablespoon melted lard.

The third week is added to semolina and mashed potatoes.

Why a pig is not eating after farrowing?

After farrowing, the pig may be in a weakened state, to refuse to eat, to lie still, not having the strength to stand up or turn from side to side.

If the condition lasts for several days, the pig can lose weight, and insufficient milk production will lead to the death of piglets.


Sometimes after farrowing the sow refuses to eat

Usually, the appetite begins to occur in pigs in 10 hours after birth. If not, you should look for the cause.

This condition can be triggered by:

  • disease of a pig;
  • the lack of vitamins;
  • poor quality of food;
  • unsatisfactory conditions.

If the animal is healthy, then after 2-3 weeks the appetite is fully restored in compliance with sanitary norms of feeding.

Refusal of food when the disease is evidenced by the color change of the skin behind the ears pigs and increased body temperature. For the treatment to apply antibiotics. But their use should be undertaken only in strict dosage and taking into account the negative consequences. May substances, trapped in the milk will cause diarrhea in piglets that will cause behind in development.

Iron deficiency can be identified by the bright color of the piglets. To ignore such symptom in pigs is difficult because of the thick layer of the skin. Sometimes for the resumption of the appetite of the sow is sufficient to include it in the diet of vitamins of group b and D.

When the content of pigs on a concrete floor it affected their joints. To help the animal to stand up, need help. To do this, under its belly is put the rope to maintain her body.

Feeding before farrowing and after it

Productivity of sows depends not only on genetics. Technology of cultivation also guarantees the success in obtaining a healthy and numerous offspring. In addition to compliance with the sanitary-epidemiological status of pig pen requires a certain approach to feeding. Food should be fresh, fermented items, so as not to upset the digestive system. help! Important during fertilization is added to the diet of feed – up to 4-5 kg. This has a positive effect on preparing the body for conception.

Within one and a half months after mating, the sow, possibly contained in a separate compartment, to eliminate stress. The number of feeds is reduced to 2.5 kg, and the fiber content is increased to ensure the satiety of the animal.


Try to protect the sow from stressful situations

In the second half of gestation, the pig should receive an increased amount of feed. At this time there is a rapid increase of fruit weight in need of nutrients.

For the period of gestation the sow gaining a total of 40 kg 25 kg weigh pigs and amniotic fluid, and 15 kg is necessary to replenish the body reserves of the sow. Young individuals, until the third farrowing, during this period, gaining 30% more of their own body weight.

The weight gain can cause complications during the survey, reduce the birth of live fetuses, and a reduction in milk production. At insufficient receipt of pig feed kids appear weakened, and in early lactation, she has no reserve of reserve of the body.

After the appearance of the offspring mammary glands of the pigs start to develop in the first month daily up to 6 kg of milk, and the second to 5 kg. Therefore, the need for feed during this period increases. The greater the number of calves sucking the milk, the more intense the required nutrition for pigs.

The rate of feeding of the uterus during lactation increases by approximately 75% compared with the diet in the period of gestation. Winter pig need per day about 2 kg of concentrated feed, approximately 5 kg of roots and about 1 kg of hay. Food should be added 100 g. additives of chalk, bone meal and common salt in the proportion (3х1х1).

Care of the pig after farrowing

After farrowing pigs may appear thirsty. Therefore, the compartment should be provided with drinking bowl or trough with water. It also helps the formation of milk.

To avoid the appearance of constipation in lactating sows, feed her a warm mash out of the grain of dirty salt and chalk. In the first week the sow consumes the reserve supply of nutrients from the body.

The need for milk from the piglets born during the first week a small. They can't always suck out all the milk that is produced from pigs. If the Breasts are dense and greatly increased in size, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of pig succulent fodder and liquid. Also do massage with subsequent pumping milk.

After 3-4 days after birth, sows produce a quarter of an hour for walking. In a week she can go out with the piglets.

Suckling the sow is protected from a stressful situation, it is recommended not play rough with her, as it affects maternal instinct. At this time, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness and health of the mammary glands. To this end, they wash with water and adding creolin.

How to care for the piglets after farrowing

The first two weeks the piglets should eat only breast milk. If cubs in a litter more than the sows teats, they can be placed at this period to another lactating sow.

After 3-5 days, pigs fed wood ash, chalk, red clay, limestone. To combat anaemia are given iron sulfate, added to drinking water at the rate of 2.3 g per 1 l of liquid.



In the diet of cow's milk is added, starting from 50 g, Gradually increase, to the time of weaning from sows at the age of two months he was 1 liter.

From the third week, the pigs begin to give chopped vegetables (carrots, beets, potatoes). During this period, it is important to keep the room clean, and also put pigs on motioni. If the winter temperature of not less than 15 degrees, the range is about 5 minutes. Gradually this time is increased to two months of age they could be on the air for about 4 hours.

Upon reaching the litter 60 days the sow separated from the children. And another 2-3 weeks piglets in the same compartment. Their diet consists of bran, bran, grain, bone and grass meal, skim milk. The vegetables are raw, and the potatoes boiled. Bran and bran pre-steamed. Up to six months old they are fed 4-5 times a day, and then 3-4 times.

At this time the young are accustomed to green feed, ranging from 150 g per day, bringing to six-month of age up to 5 kg. Hay zaparivat in hot water, and given in a volume 4 times less than the recommended weight of fresh grass.