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Marble beef

Marbled beef is considered to be the Queen of meats. That's probably why in the meat many legends. For example, for obtaining marble beef steers hung from the ceiling on leather straps, otpaivat beer, and to maintain a good emotional state make it massage. The entire process of cultivation takes place under the sounds of classical music. The production technology of beef is really complicated, but not to the same extent as it may seem at first glance.

marbled meat

Kobe beef

Marble, beef, called due to the fact that their appearance definitely looks like marble, flecked with white streaks. These fatty inclusions are formed in the thickness of the muscle of bulls of certain breeds as a result of very complicated process of cultivation. The more fat interspersed in the meat structure, so it is juicier and better, because when cooked, this fat is part of meat, and it becomes soft, juicy and tender. We have this meat starts to appear, but with this meat for many restaurants.

A little history

It is curious that in Soviet Union first opened the taste of marbled beef, Nikita Khrushchev. During his first trip to the United States, Soviet General Secretary tried real American steak. Its taste is so impressed Khrushchev that he gave to the Kremlin chef challenge to find a recipe and cook a steak in the Soviet Union. The chef has completed the task- learned and prepared. Khrushchev was disappointed: the dish didn't meet his expectations. And then it turned out that it's not in the recipe, but only in meat. Americans for cooking steak used marble beef produced from special breeds of cattle.


Marbled beef-deli meat

And then, on the orders of Khrushchev in the North of Ukraine were equipped with highly classified farm, where from the UK brought a special breed of bulls, and in the United States learned the technology of their cultivation. According to her calves up to 8 months has not been separated from the cows they were growing in the open pasture, while the grown steers were transported to the farm, located in the Crimea. Here, in a warmer climate, calves fattened in stalls is strictly balanced diet based on corn and wheat. Meat plane was sent straight to the Kremlin...

What breeds get marbled beef

There are many different breeds of cattle. However, to get real Kobe beef cannot animals of dairy breeds, it is produced exclusively from animals of meat breeds of cattle.

The best breed suitable for obtaining the beef, is considered a meat breed of black hornless bulls Aberdeen Angus. It was bred in the North of Scotland in the counties of Aberdeen and Angus in 1879. In the UK, this delicacy has become a cult food, and the Americans very quickly equipped it for its culinary culture. Now the Aberdeen-Angus breed is bred throughout the world.

bulls Kobe

Bulls of meat breeds

Another British beef breed is Hereford (Hereford, or). These bald bulls red suit was withdrawn in Herefordshire and also has spread around the world.

Fattening calves and maturation

The second component of production of beef of high quality is fattening steers. Throughout the cultivation (such steers slaughtered at a young age) the feeding must be correct and balanced. Special attention is paid to the last 3-4 months: then for animals is developed and maintained defined by a complex diet that includes grain, corn, alfalfa and many other components.

But the beef is of the highest requirements, it must undergo a process of maturation. That's when the meat becomes softer and acquires an excellent taste. Maturation can be wet or dry.

meat bulls

For the production of marble meat for calves need special care

When ripe, moist meat Packed in vacuum bags without the presence of blood. Before packing, it is cooled to 0oC. the Process takes place without oxygen and lasts from 10 to 21 days, depending on the technology vendor.

The dry process of maturation is more time-consuming: meat on the bone is hung in a refrigerated warehouse at the right temperature. It must be fat or skin, which then will be removed.

Producers of beef

A couple of years ago, virtually all of beef, supplied to CIS countries, were imported from North America. It was there until the end of the developed technology of growing beef calves with intramuscular fat interspersed.

American farmers very carefully approached the issue of beef production. They shared her marbling into several categories. The highest category in America prime. Next comes the choice. Angus is also divided into prime and choice. And then select, standard, commertion. Meat klassificeret independent experts. Job classifications marbling, a very prestigious and highly paid.

The Americans have described and summed under the standard of every single part of the beef, from cuts and sizes of steak and finishing products. They released a specialized catalogs on the subject. Therefore, the United States was very easy to work: orders can be done simply by catalog. Most Russian companies began to order American marbled beef.

marbled beef steak

Marbled meat is considered a dietary product

But in the fall of 2003 at one of the farms of the United States was discovered mad cow disease, and virtually all countries have closed their borders to American beef. In December 2003, the trade ban on American beef was imposed in Russia.

Produce marbled beef in Japan, but it is small in my area of the country, that's where all the myths can be implemented, and it was there, according to ancient technology Kobe, calves can grow in a suspended state, giving them beer for the appetite. And although the cost of beef large without it (it starts from 1 thousand rubles for 1 kg), the cost of meat grown using this technology are incredibly high, even by restaurant standards, the price of 1 kg comes to $ 500 and above. A leader in the supply of beef to markets in the CIS today is Australia.

What is it doing with a marble meat

Australian marbled beef, Green Fed (grain-fed) also are classified according to the degree of marbling (Marbling, abbreviated MB) is from 1 to 9, but the market is mostly represented by the category MV of MV 1/2 or 3/4 (the cost of 1 kg of such clippings is 1200 RUB). Extremely rare marble restaurants order meat category MV 5/6 and 7/8. It is very expensive - up to $ 200 per 1 kg.

The cuts also have their own categories: tenderloin (tenderloin), rib eye (thick edge), strip loin (thin edge) and T-Bone steak. T-Bone-steak meat combined with different structure and degree of marbling: the meat is portioned T-bone, where one side is the fine edge, with the other tenderloin.

Marble meat should be defrosted in the package and refrigerated the camera and absolutely not in the microwave. It should be thawed only slightly, not fully, and immediately portionality to all the juice stayed in the meat.

dishes of marbled beef

Dishes of marbled meat very tasty and varied

There are several degrees of roasting meat. Very rare and Rare (to fry at a temperature of about 55 and 60°C respectively) - very raw steak or raw meat in the context of red, with blood. Medium rare and Medium (the roasting temperature is about 63 and 71°C respectively) beef steak medium raw and medium meat medium rare, in the context of a grayish-pinkish, with transparent blood Socko. Well done and Very well done (the temperature is about 77 and 82°C) beef steak is ready and sergetov, the meat is fully cooked, in the context of gray, with transparent juice. As the beef meets all sanitary standards, it passed all tests, it can be easy to eat with the blood.

This meat is served in restaurants of the highest category, it is cooked to order - fried, only when the guest said, what level of roasting he prefers. Often bought average degree of readiness.

In our days the growing trend towards development of cattle breeding for the production of beef. It has become fashionable, because now a lot of people travel abroad, try marbled beef there and wants to see it here.