Limousin cattle breed

Interesting name of this breed appeared due to the fact that cows were bred in France in a small village in Limousin. The new breed was introduced in 1851. Several hundred years this breed was tempered in the harsh climatic conditions. Such a cow can even stand 30 degrees. They need a balanced diet and protection from the wind.

Limousin breed

Limousin breed of cattle

Yes, a very unusual name of the breed. Some, when looking, for example, renting a limousine be surprised when you open the ad with a cow. In this article we will look at all the features of the breed, learn about the advantages and disadvantages and what should be care.

Since ancient times the famous Limousin breed of cow. This is a very cattle with massive proportions of the body. The main emphasis in the breeding of this breed were taken to increase productivity of milk production and the increase in slaughter weight. But the great success achieved yet in meat productivity. Because such cows are of very large dimensions. The main features of the Limousin breed include the following indicators:

  • very large head and short neck;
  • deep and wide chest;
  • wide and rough the forehead;
  • edges are rounded;
  • is predominantly dark red in color, but there are also some bright colors which are close to red color (the bottom trunk is always darker);
  • short legs with well-developed muscles;
  • broad back and loins;
  • massive rump, which is on the same level with the back;
  • well-developed udder;
  • highly developed muscles, so the cow has adequate relief.

To weight characteristics include the following key figures:

  • weight cows up to 600 pounds;
  • weight of an adult bull can reach up to 1200 pounds;
  • calves are born with a weight of 40 kg.
  • after weaning from the mother, they weigh up to 350 pounds;
  • daily weight gain varies from 800 to 1100 grams;
Limousin breed

beef cattle

Advantages of the breed

Breed limousine combined the two most important qualities of the large slaughter weight and good milk supply. The main advantages include:

  • if the calves often graze and feed in concentrated feed, they grow quickly;
  • at an early age we can already count on a good weight of beef, which has a high quality;
  • compact carcasses;
  • meat is soft and good taste;
  • excellent adaptation to poor climate conditions;
  • high endurance cows;
  • the breed is unpretentious in the content;
  • high rates of reproductive function (the cows have a very developed maternal instinct);
  • healthy immune system.
Limousin breed

Limousin breed

Based on the above advantages, this breed is very popular all over the world. It is actively bred pure and also crossed with similar dairy and beef cattle, for even more productivity.

No breed can boast such a large percentage of slaughter weight. If you take, for example, a young bull (a), the percentage of pure meat reaches seventy.

Limousine cows give the most milk fat, high protein. To dairy indicators include:

  • fat content of 5 percent;
  • protein 4.3 percent;
  • average yield varies from 1,300 to 1,800 pounds per year.

In France this variety meat is the most prestigious and more expensive than other beef.

How to care for the breed

We already talked about the fact that the cow is unpretentious, and keep it simple. The main attention should be paid to nutrition. These cows early, so all of the above indicators of meat is achieved through a good and balanced feeding. In summer cows should as much as possible to be in the pastures. They need to drink at least two times a day. If the cow talocka, then drink it needs at least three times per night (also forbidden to give very cold or frozen food).

Cows are able to endure the harshest of winters, but in windy weather their walk should not be long. In the cold season, the harvested hay or silage in large volumes. Due to the large weight and developed muscle mass cows eat a lot, especially in winter.

Limousin breed

Limousin breed

Also in the shed need a good space for cattle, in winter the cow should be free to move around. To obtain a great productivity cows require humane and civilized relations. Given that they are renowned for vicious and violent nature. Based on the fact that for centuries this breed was tempered in the harsh conditions, frequent outbursts of violence, aggression and disobedience (especially calves). This behavior causes the self-preservation instinct.

You should be very careful with the cows that calved. During this period, she is very aggressive and rushes to the defense of their cubs. Many breeders are trying to remove this trait, but difficult to bring the instinct which was formed several hundred years.