What is the difference netel from heifers or cows?

What is netell what are the main differences from the cows and how to take care of it? Netel is a pregnant female cattle that have never given birth. Pregnancy otherwise known as the pregnancy. If the female has neither the time wasn't mating, it's a chick. After birth, Natal becomes the firstborn is a full cow, because the first lactation.



How to carry out insemination of heifers

Insemination is recommended at the 18 month after the birth of Chicks. But each case should be considered separately. Also take into account the weight of the animal: not less than 360 kg. a Lot depends on the development of exterior and reproductive characteristics of the animal. There is evidence that early insemination increases the life expectancy of cows and quality of milk.

Inseminated heifers in two ways: natural and artificial. Six months after mating Natal strenuously to feed. It is necessary for the full development of the mammary glands.



Heifers are pregnancy of about 265 days.

Pick one

The purchase of the cattle is better to wait for autumn. First you need to decide whom to choose: cow or netel.

Pros purchase pregnant cows (heifers):

  • after some time there will be replenishment of young through the birth of calves.
  • Return the young animal is higher than 3-4-year-old cow.

Cons of buying:

  • Starts the first full period of milking, therefore, unknown amounts of milk, which can give a cow.
  • Cost of heifers is higher than heifers and cows.


Before the first calving is difficult to determine the milk and meat producing Chicks. Before buying you need to find out the quality and features of father and mother, to know the total volume of milk production sisters. Then we can make some conclusions about future abilities heifers.

Netell what breed worth buying

Select the breed of cattle:

  • Netell Holsteins usually gives a lot of milk because milk has exterior and adapts well to climatic conditions. But is very expensive when feeding, rearing and keeping. First lactation milk yield are in the order of 6500 kg of milk.
  • To a meat and dairy component includes the Simmental breed: hardy, less demanding. The milk of Simmental cows fatter, but the amount is less than that of Holstein. For the first lactation netel-Simmental will give about 5000 kg.
  • Natalia-Hereford have a cold body type. Bulls and cows are valued for high quality marbled beef and a large carcass yield.
  • Netela of black-motley breed are very popular because of their good health and easy acclimatization. The animals are medium-sized, have a high milk yield (4000-6000 kg) and low fat milk (4-3,7%).
  • Natalia Ayrshire breed medium-sized, red-and-white suit. Considered to be the most cost effective maintenance and care designed more for milk than meat. Meat output is only 50-55%, annual yield of about 5 thousand kg With fat content of 4% milk a great flavor and consistency.

Content and growing heifers

Before calving is needed to fully feed the animal. It is impossible to overfeed Natal, weight gain per day should be up to 650 during this period in the diet do not add concentrates, because it is possible for obesity, and after childbirth this can lead to various diseases. But silage and haylage must be in sufficient quantity.

For the development of the front and rear half of the udder massage. After a month it is necessary to conduct veterinary inspection for any abnormalities. As soon as calving is one month, the massage should be discontinued.

It is also very useful to actively walk the animal. Before the onset of cold weather in the stalls for breeding animals need repairs: heifers are very sensitive to drafts.

How much time and effort will be spent on preparation for childbirth, depends the life and health of cow and calf.

How to determine what starts calving:

  • turbulent behavior of the animal;
  • swelling of the udder, genitals, discharge;
  • is omitted, the stomach;
  • thirst;
  • variance of the bones from the ribs down, lowering the ligaments at the base of the tail.


care of the firstborn

The first generations last more than an hour. After calving the cow thoroughly wash and wipe a calf for 14-20 hours to leave with her mother. Half an hour after birth the firstborn is watered unheated water.

After 12 days, the cow should begin to feed more abundant and nutritious. Supplement to the main food is fodder beet and concentrates special. Cows are milked harder than usual, be sure to "fist" and not tweaks.