The Aberdeen-Angus cows. Description and characteristics of the breed

In the world there is a need for the development of beef cattle. Beef cattle do has a high potential, and farmers gladly seized the opportunity to establish a profitable business, breeding cattle of meat breeds. Among breeds, which pronounced meat properties, and the confidence they enjoyed Aberdeen Angus breed cows.


Aberdeen Angus beef cattle

The Aberdeen Angus breed of cattle originates from the British hornless cattle, which for a long time served as working cattle in the North-Eastern counties of Scotland and the Aberdeen Angus. As both the city's marine ports in the temperate zone, on their hilly land are rich flood pasture. On these pastures and were grazed once hornless cow – the ancestors of Aberdeen Angus breed. Among them were often found unsuited bulls and heifers and some of these representatives bore horn.

The name of the breed bulls and cows got in 1775, when a Scottish livestock farmers took up the improved precocity and exterior, as well as improving slaughter weight and meat quality of local cattle. A little less than a hundred years, it was enough to bring a new purebred cattle, and in 1873, its members began to export to North America.

The precocity of the animals of this breed played a crucial role in their dissemination around the globe. In Europe and Asia of the Aberdeen-bred at home and in the CIS countries. The breed also became popular among the Australian and new Zealand breeders have taken root in Argentina, feels great in North America.

General description Aberdeen-Angus

The crossing of Aberdeen Angus breed with other types of cattle, gives youngsters the same comolet, black suit,inherent in Aberdeen-angustum. Looking at the appearance, we immediately see that it is a meat type cattle. Cattle compact body, reaching the withers from 116 cm to 118 cm

Aberdeen Angus cattle

Compact body and small bone mass

Any livestock easily recognize the Aberdeen-Angus cattle in the herd, because it is inherent in the following characteristics describe the exterior:

  • the Head is small in size with a slightly protruding forehead, a short snout and a narrow head;
  • Large and short neck smoothly into muscular shoulders;
  • muscular Body, with soft hair covering and smooth back, the withers, straight sacrum and lower back straight;
  • Deep (about 67 centimeters) and volume (about 46 inches) chest;
  • short legs rather Short;
  • the Skin is thin, very loose, but subcutaneous tissue creates the appearance of a thick skin.

So, Aberdeen Angus breed KRS has a good precocity, growth of the cattle also quickly terminated. This feature leads to obesity. Cow meat, and this direction is much higher than dairy performance.

Bulls the Aberdeen-Angus is a hornless animals. They are completely black in color, possible white color in the lower part of the belly. They are also capable of rapid maturation, well-fed and the productivity of meat of these bulls are of excellent quality.

Description the productivity of Aberdeen

Calves Aberdeen-Angus breed are born small, their body weight is 22-28 lbs. Chicks at the same weighs 22-25 kg, and bulls 25-28 kg. young Growing literally by the hour and to six months on breast milk up to 180 kg. gorge on either When calves deprived of cow's milk, they weigh up to 230 kg. Adding a day at 1000 g, to three years they can reach from 430 kg to half a ton of weight.

Aberdeen Angus cattle

the Young gives a good weight gain

Mature cows are in weight 500-550 kg and the live weight of the bulls 750-950 kg fattening weight adult Aberdeen Angus bull can reach up to 1000 kg. Good Mature cows weigh from 650 to 700 kg. From such animals obtained from 60 to 70% of slaughter exit.

Bone mass of the animal is thin, so the carcass after slaughter contains not more than 17% of the bones. Fine-fibred, tender, marbled meat is filled with minor fat layers.

Chicks Aberdeen ripen very early, their first seed in the 14-15 months of age. The calving cows is easy, and after calving the milk of parturient cows feed calves. Dairy productive characteristics of Aberdeen Angus cows are not higher than 1,700 kg.

Representatives of this breed well adapted to cold and temperate climates, so there they are used in industrial scale for breeding animals of dairy and meat and dairy breeds to increase meat productivity of the latter. Aberdeen Angus cattle breeders committed to breeding it new types of Zavolzhskoye and Volgograd.

The advantages of the breed

To the Aberdeen Angus breed of cows has justified its content, its representatives need a great diet feeding. Animals do not need special care, associated with weather conditions because it acklimatiseras in the Northern areas, and hot southern climates.


Aberdeen undemanding to climatic conditions

Also, these amazing animals have the following advantages:

  • Grow very fast. With proper nutrition can in a day to gain 1kg.;
  • very High fertility contributes to blagovremeno maturation and readiness to insemination of heifers at the age of 14-15 months;
  • by crossing the Aberdeen-angosso with cows of other breeds, the offspring retains the suit, the maximum maturity and their meat quality;
  • Give a delicious marbled meat with a uniform fat layers. After slaughter the carcass yield ranges from 60 to 70%.

To buy cattle of the Aberdeen-Angus breed in Belarus on our breeding. Specialists breeding departament will help to Orient with variety of animals.

Aberdeen breed

Aberdeen breed is a great choice of the farmer.

To purchase such animals in his farm not only for pure breeding but also for crossing with other purebred cows. From such a Union can provide valuable offspring, which will please the farmer not only meat qualities, but markedly increased numbers of dairy performance.