What is the meat yield in pigs — a mechanism to define and calculate deadweight

Each pig farmer needs to know what the meat yield in pigs, because they are grown for obtaining this products. This figure will be important also for sale, will allow to estimate the profitability of cultivation, to calculate rates of feeding pigs. The ratio of live weight of pig or boar to the slaughter, the quantity of pork is determined in percentage terms. The calculation is made according to the formulas does not present great difficulties.


It is important to be able to determine carcass weight

The average weight of pigs

Weight grown pigs depends on the breed and good feeding practices. Most are heavy pigs of large white breed, the most common in Russia. The weight of the boar reaches 300-350 kg. the Average weight of a wild boar Mirgorod breed is about 230-260 kg. For Guinea pig normal average weight is 200-250 kg. However, the small Vietnamese pigs can reach a weight of 140 kg, and the sows of large white breed weighs twice as much, up to 330-350 lbs.

The increase in weight of pigs in the first place depends on feeding the right quality. Weighing 50-60 kg at the age of 3-4 months, with the pig feeding ad libitum for 3 months reaches a weight of 90 kg or more.

Determination of body weight without weights

Not every household will find suitable scales, however, the weight of the pig accurately you can determine without them. There are several proven ways. For reliability, you can use all at once.

For the calculation you will need to measure the chest girth and body length of the animal. Chest determine the positioning of the measuring tape behind the front legs at the corners of the blades. The body length is measured from the middle of the occiput to the root of the tail. To avoid errors in calculations when measuring pig should not raise or lower the head.

simplified formula

Using a simple formula that can be calculated live weight, followed by output of meat from pigs weighing 100 kg is approximately 70 kg of pure meat.

The formula given fat

The coefficient of fatness for greasy pigs is 142, the meat-fat breeds, the average fat content of 156, and lean animal 162.

Peremezhaya chest girth with body length and the result divided by the specified constant.

The definition of the table

The weight is determined at the intersection of the same measurements.


Table for determining the weight of pigs

Biomass fatten a pig during the day may change. Pure weight called the body mass of the animal without the contents of the stomach, intestines and bladder. So weigh the animal several hours before feeding.

Slaughter yield

The so-called percentage weight of the carcass after processing to live weight of pigs before slaughter. During slaughtering the animal to release blood, gut, cut off the hock and carpal joints of the legs, head, and skin. The remaining amount of meat, bones and fat and slaughter yield is called. This number is based on breed, age, sex, variants of fattening and the degree of fatness.

Slaughter yield of meat and fat is an average of 70-85%. When the live weight of pigs at 100 kg output of pork is 72-75%, 120-150 kg – 77-80%, more than 180 kg to 80-85%. Average output of meat and fat is 77%, with no by-products — 66%.

To determine how much meat you get from pigs with live weight 110 kg, taking about 2.5-3 kg of waste, about 10 kg of bones. The fat will have approximately 23 kg. In the result, we obtain the yield of pure pork – 73 kg.

туша свиньи

Slaughter yield of meat and fat is an average of 70-85%

Head 100-kg carcass weighs about 8-9 kg, liver – 1.6 kg, heart – 320 g, kidney – 260g, easy – 800г.

Influencing meat yield factors

Before slaughter the pigs feed no later than 8-12 hours and try to put the least stress. The list of factors by which to determine the meat yield:

  • Accurate weighing before and after slaughter provides the most authentic data output of pork from one animal.
  • The contents of piglets on the slot floor increases the weight compared to the cultivation on straw.
  • Heavier carcasses from beef breeds. Pig breeds Yorkshire or pietrain gives a higher output of pork than large white.
  • A castrated boar is smaller in slaughter weight by 1% than non-castrated, and pigs below of 1.5% because of the difference of the weight of the genital organs.
  • The composition of the diet, feed quality and feeding level also affect the yield. The power feed with a high content of fiber gives smaller weight gain than the diet with the presence of dense nutrients.
  • Prolonged deprivation of food mobilizes the body for vital functions. A day without feeding, the animal can lose to 3.5-3.8% of body weight and 2% body weight, respectively.
  • When slaughtering at the slaughterhouse, the transportation of animals slaughter weight reduces to 2%. As a result of stress pigs lose a kilogram live weight for each quarter of the day.
  • The output quantity of meat products is also influenced by the experience of a cutter and of cutter pigs.

Pig on the yield for consumption more profitable than cattle and sheep. Compared to other species of animals output of pork more by 20-25%. Less in pork carcasses and bones in 2.5 times. The content of the highest percentage of edible dry matter in the meat, the chemical composition and characteristic flavor appreciated by consumers and increase the profitability of growing pigs for fattening.