When pigs are grown, farmers pursue different goals. Trying to fulfill the tasks set for themselves, pig breeders are increasingly choosing piglets of a certain direction of productivity, on which they build all their work. Good quality of meat production is possessed by the breed of Duroc pigs. Let us consider the main features of these animals.

Conquering the American continent, the Europeans brought along with them not only household goods, utensils and clothing, but also various domestic animals. In those days, this process was spontaneous. And in the beginning of the 19th century a sufficient variety of pig species accumulated, so that amateur pig breeders could engage in breeding work.


Pig of the Duroc breed

One of the directions was the work on crossing red Guinean pigs with Berkshire, which led to the emergence of a new breed, called the Duroc.

A few more decades of systematic and purposeful work to improve and consolidate the features obtained. In 1883, in the United States, the Duroc breed was officially registered.

Description of the Duroc breed

Pigs have a number of distinctive features that make it easy to recognize them among representatives of other breeds. You can see for yourself, having carefully examined the photos of pigs and pigs of the Duroc breed.

Initially, Duroc piglets were a sebaceous species, but the high demand for pork meat gradually changed the basic characteristics of these pigs. Representatives of the Duroc breed are widely distributed all over the world, enjoy well-deserved popularity and high demand.


Duroc is very unpretentious in content

Pigs Duroc are hardy and have good adaptability. Sometimes they are used as a genetic material for obtaining commodity hybrids.

Appearance of these artiodactyls is quite typical. They have a strong constitution, large sizes. Boars and females of Duroc are almost the same length, about 1.8-1.85 m - males and 1.75-1.8 m - females. Adult animals reach a living weight of 300-360 and 240-300 kg respectively. Ears are long, hanging forward. The back is arcuate. The legs are strong, high. The sharply outlined hams are well developed. The coloring of these pigs was called "red suit", since their color varies from dark red to golden in color. There are individuals with tan marks, but without any admixture of white color.

Pigs Duroc are not very prolific. In one farrowing, the sow can have 9-11 piglets. Females have a well-developed maternal instinct, have a calm character, take good care of the piglets and feed them well.

The breed is early maturing. Piglets are born fairly large (1100-1600 g). Daily daily average weight gain can reach values of 0.75-0.95 kg. The weight of the nest in two months can reach up to 190 kg. Piglets Duroc on control fattening can reach a live weight of 100 kg for 170-180 days. The feed costs are 3.7-3.8 fodder units per 1 kg of gain.

The yield of meat in the carcass is from 58 to 70%. The thickness of fat over the spine reaches 1.2-1.8 cm.

Contents of pigs Duroc

Deciding to breed pigs of this breed, farmers are faced with the question of where to buy piglets Duroc.

Despite the wide distribution of the breed, purebred individuals are difficult to acquire. In the open spaces of Belarus and Russia, as a rule, pigs of this breed are crossed with others, to increase the offspring. However, with proper selection, it is possible to obtain pigs with external signs of Durokov, but this does not mean that their qualitative characteristics will be appropriate.


Durk is bred for sale mainly at the breeding enterprises

To purchase youngsters for breeding, it is better to turn to a specialized breeding farm where you will be able to provide guarantees of the appropriate characteristics and exact affiliation of the pig to be purchased with Duroc pigs.

The content of this breed does not give the owner any trouble, provided there is a walking for animals. In the fresh air of pigs Duroc can be released already in the early spring and give them a picnic up to the first severe frosts. In this case, animals feel better, meat products are of better quality, which is facilitated by a more mobile way of life.

For the organization of walking enough to shield the necessary area next to the pigsty and provide animals with free access to the corral. In this case, it will not be necessary to arrange additional canopies and cages to protect animals from unfavorable conditions during a bad weather.

Placement of representatives of this breed in the shed should correspond to the usual standards of keeping pigs. Good fitness of Duroc piglets to cold temperatures allows to do without additional heating of the pigsty room.

How to Feed Pigs

Piglets of the Duroc breed are very demanding on the content of a high percentage of protein foods.

Two-month-old piglets are chosen for fattening. They are kept until reaching a live weight of 100 kg. Compared with other breeds, representatives of Durokov reach this weight in the shortest possible time. However, this is achieved with a good balance of feed and compliance with the fattening regime.


Duroc quickly adds weight

It is recommended to use potatoes, combined silage, beans and cake as feed. An introduction to the nutrition of cereals is allowed. However, it should be remembered that feeding with oats, barley and corn leads to obesity and the loss of pigs meat qualities.

It is useful to include in the diet of fattening piglets Durok bone or fish flour, waste meat and fish production, milk and dairy products, in return, sugar and fodder beet. The number of feedings should be limited to three - in winter and two - in summer.

Breeding of the Duroc breed

According to the farmers who breed Duroc, these pigs are inexpedient to keep on the farm in order to obtain and sell piglets. Small farrowing does not pay off year-round maintenance of breeding animals. For comparison, sows of large white breed bring up to 30 piglets a year, whereas Duroc can give no more than 20 pigs.

Piglets of this breed need to introduce complementary foods from the first days of life, otherwise they fall ill with rickets, lag behind in development. In the food should additionally introduce products containing iron, copper, vitamins and additives for piglets.

Signs of sexual hunting are manifested in pigs Duroc in the same way as in other representatives of artiodactyls. Active hunting lasts about 48 hours, but it is better to leave the sow alone for the first 24 hours, and during the next day to spend the mating, preferably twice, to improve the effect.


The greater Farrow survivability is close to 100%

Survival of piglets in sows of this breed is about 93%, which is often surprising, since the weight and dimensions of the mother are very significant. To get healthy offspring, it is necessary to feed the future mother in a qualitative way during pregnancy. Also, she should have regular and long walks in the corral in the fresh air.

On an industrial scale, the sows and boars are mated in accordance with a special plan. Most often, two boars are used to cover the female with an interval of 12 hours. In private farmsteads, this requirement is most often unattainable, but if possible, you should apply to neighboring pig farms to ensure quality mating.

Despite the apparent ease of cultivation and maintenance, pigs and pigs Duroc require careful care and careful attention from the farmer. Only in this case, pets will please you with delicious products, good growth and weight gain.

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